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Sunday, June 7, 2009

dBird Notifier 1.1 - new version

I've just finished work on a few improvements of my dBird notifier scripts collection.
Now all relevant user data (twitter account name & password, ICQ buddy list, domain for which special alert will be given, serial port to use) is saved in one central "config.conf" file, I tried to prevent problems with missing packages by compiling all modules into python bytecode executables, and added a bugfix for the forthcoming "twitpocalypse" buffer overflow bug (and cleaned up the code a bit).

You can download the whole as a tarball here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbirdnotifier/

Installation is easy, just extract into home directory, go to "/LEDnotifier" subfolder, edit "config.conf" and paste your account data in the upper two lines (first username, then password) and maybe adjust the other things too, then start "BirdNotify_TrayVersion" from the command line (or create a starter on your desktop or inside the gnomenu). Remember to launch Thunderbird and pidgin too, and also don't forget thunderbird needs "dbus notifications" extensions installed.

Have fun.

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